Monday, October 1, 2012

Baby Sweater Done!

That's right, cast off a few hours before the shower started. But that wasn't the end of it naturally, because anyone who has ever tried to shove a shirt over a toddlers head knows - Cardigans are the way to go.
 So I washed and blocked it, laying it in the sun to hurry the process (Physics has no respect for crunch time!) The blocking fortunately smoothed out the lumpy colorwork bits, I guess my tension was a bit wonky.
 Then, using the techniques I learned in the class the day before I sewed two lines on either line of the center row. The sweater was knit with a pair of purl stitches in front to be guides. I learned the hard way that it is tricky to capture the carried threads, and that many knitters simply use all their yarns at once on these "steeking stitches" I'll have to do that next time!
 I crocheted the edges and added buttons. A trick from Joyuna - split a multi-ply down to use as thread for sewing the buttons on.
 I then went back in for another row of double crochet on the other face, with single crochet loops for the buttons. (Confession - I intended to use a zipper, never thought to get a separating zipper instead of one bound on both ends. Duh.)
And done! One hour before leaving for the shower! Now I can get to the matching hat I was supposed to have finished as well...


Joy Gerhardt said...

Wow, it looks great! Steeking can be so nerve-wracking; I've only done it once but I'm working on another project that will get steeked eventually.

Sheila said...

I haven't been brave enough to try steeking yet... The cardigan looks great!