Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Piecing a Banner

My sewing machine has been quiet lately, school and other duties are getting in the way of my crafting! Fortunately I try to take on duties that include crafting, so the other day I spent some hours creating a banner for the local ADF Grove
 I tried to take inspiration from our logo for the fonts, and the runic font lends itself nicely to sewing, but the more Celtic style letters were quite the challenge.
 Notice all the white lines? I added lots of guide lines to make sure there would be straight and even letter placement. I also pinned all the letters in a word at once so nothing was sewn down and moved later.
Here it is! I'll be adding a branch and horn soon, and perhaps an ADF logo, but I'll be painting that logo on, too complicated even for this seamstress! Are you keeping busy?

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