Thursday, October 18, 2012

Off the Needles, On the Needles

 I started this sweater back in February, and after diligently finishing yoke and both sleeves in a matter of weeks, I set it aside for the summer in favor of lighter smaller projects. July is not a time to have a wool sweater sitting in your lap.
 It's a Ysolda Teague pattern which means there were lots of options for customization. The collar, front, and cuffs have a cute leaf pattern. I tailored the bust to a gradual slope instead of the sudden gather in the pattern. It's cozy and colorful, made with a vintage yarn that isn't real soft but does have a touch of sparkle.
 I've been resisting the urge to wear the sweater every day... So I cast on another Ysolda pattern I'm revisiting. I bought some lovely handspun heritage wool in Paonia last May, listed as Black Welsh. I used it for the edging, with much larger needles to give it a lacier feel than my first one. This is the difference between size fours and size eights! I bought some nice dark Shetland wool to be the center.
 And while on my Shetland craze this weekend picked up some awesome yarns from Piñon Wood. The center one has a fine maroon thread with maroon beads plyed into it, I'm going to use the three together for something warm and wonderful.
It's the season for warm fuzzies, what are you crafting?

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Sheila said...

What a great sweater! I love it!