Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steeking Fearlessly

That's right, steeking. Hardcore. Steeking, in case you've never heard of it, is cutting an item knit in the round to make it flat. Such as turning a pullover into a cardigan. When working in color, such as with Nordic style patterns, it is easier and faster to knit in the round. But cutting the item makes it ravel and fall apart right?
I took a class today at Fancy Tiger taught by Ragga of Knitting Iceland all about how to create a crocheted and/or sewn border and cut with impunity. Icelandic sweaters require knitting in the round, and they are really really warm, so cutting up the front to make a cardigan is optimal.

Tomorrow I will take my just finished baby sweater and wash, block, steek and zipper it. Mind you the baby shower is tomorrow night, cutting it close? I love to learn new techniques (like an alternative cast-on, and a variation on pearling continental...) so this class was an awesome wellspring of information. Here's to crafting with a deadline!

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