Friday, September 21, 2012

Etsy Finds - Mabon Harvest

Happy Equinox! Today and tomorrow the night and day are almost equal, and the sun is setting and rising at due East and West. It is the second harvest festival, a time to celebrate the abundance of the earth! Enjoy Apples and spices, grains and roots, vegetables of every type, and of course enjoy the cooler nights. Here's some finds to celebrate the harvest.
A lovely decorative piece from TheWhimsicalPixie11.

Embroidered alter cloth from SilveryMoonBeams
Delicate adornments from Thyme2Dream
Seasonal scented incense, perfect for rituals from OldWorldWitchery
A touch of the season for your home from TheShabbyWitch
A colorful treat for alter or house from AutumnSkyAdornments
May your season be full and productive! Remember, this is not just a time to harvest food, but a time to reap the benefits of all your hard work over the summer in any endeavor. What is your favorite thing about Fall?

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