Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Darn It All!

Back in December, while preparing for finals, one of my Professors raged into class. She spouted a few things about the administration and meetings, then turned to me (I was knitting along naturally, as I always do in class.) "Can you fix a sweater?!" It so happens that I am experienced with darning, but even if I had no clue I would have said yes to avoid total meltdown! Her favorite sweater had fallen into the maw of her beloved dog, and was short a good bit of bottom hem, the cuff of one sleeve, even a button and the appropriate button hole.

I couldn't find quite the right color yarn, but a tweedy shetland of a similar color value was deemed the closest match. After many hours with size 2 dpns. and a darning needle the sweater is back in wearable condition. All that is left is to use a felting needle to secure frayed edges. I recommend that any knit lover learn to darn, it's not difficult and it saves a cherished garment. Imagine if you hand knit a sweater and this happened! I find myself darning socks regularly, as I have yet to learn how to walk without dragging my feet ...

I go by the old slogan, "Make do and Mend" to save all kinds of old clothing!


Anonymous said...

I am a knitter and my mother and I knit socks for eachother all the time. Needless to say, I have a stash of socks with holes in the bottom that I just can't force myself to throw out! could you maybe post a tutorial on how to mend them?

Pink said...

I'm not sure if I'm qualified, but I will see about putting together a resource for darning.