Monday, February 20, 2012

The Adventure's of VonKlank

"15th April 1882

Currently at 85 fathoms and descending. The Continental Slope here falls at about 4 degrees, and may be steepening. Our bearing is almost exactly West, varying between 265 and 273. We seem to be reaching a deeper escarpment which I intend to follow until reaching an absolute maximum depth for the craft. I have not told anyone this, as a last minute panic consumes less oxygen than a continuos nervousness. The muck is uninterrupted, no plants live here, no schools of fish cross our lights. The darkness is truly absolute.

130 Fathoms. No problems thus far with any systems. I decided to turn off most of the lights, it shall allow us to continue at lower engine power levels, I do expect us to have any trouble with running aground of something here in the emptiness of the abyss. We are making more progress downward than out it would seem. The angle on the continental slope has dropped sharply and we are forced to zig-zag as tho we are walking down a steep mountain. 165 Fathoms and we are halting to do hull and systems checks.

Wonder of wonders! Here in this black depth a creature appears, drawn to the light! A writhing mass of tentacled legs propel it along the bottom, a long tail of tendrils dangling behind. It has a long neck with beak-like proboscis, and most unusual – small eyes? It must not rely on optical input as it traverses the abyssal plains..."

An entry from the Diary of Vanessa Von Klank, this is the story I have been writing to accompany a collection of steampunk drawings. I hope to have a small published volume in time for Anomaly Con. I'll have more sneak peaks as the project comes together.


Sandy said...

Love it! I was getting a little closed in feeling reading...good emotion. Thanks for your idea of a name for the ghan. I've said it aloud a couple of times and like it, then also wondered about flipping it...woods in winter? You have a way with words, what do you think?

Pink said...

Thank you! Perhaps Mountain Woods or Yule Forest, the colors make me think of being out in a cool forest.