Friday, February 10, 2012

Sandwich Cookies

Also known as "Wow, I have a lot of Jams stored away in my cabinets. No wonder there's not room for anything else!" Cookies.
I'm planning to meet with many different people this weekend, and share cookies with them of course! So I made a big batch of dough, three sicks of butter! Other than cinnamon I left the cookies pretty basic, no need to have too many competing flavors! My shape of choice today was round, I actually used a jam jar lid, it was a perfect size. I recently bought some sets of little tiny cookie cutters that are perfect for this purpose!
The key here is counting, One wants to have an even number of top cookies and bottom cookies! I tried to split each tray evenly to keep things right.

Put a nice layer of jam on a solid cookie (The weird looking tray side, not the nice top!) and stick a decorative top cookie on it. Simple, easy, done! Unless you make really chunky jams, and it's hard to spread them evenly... Colorado Cherry, and Palisade Peach Cookies. A perfect way to eat local fruit in the winter.
One could also make chocolate cookies, or use nutella inside, or a ground nut filling... Lots of choices! Just be sure you make a big batch, you will want to have plenty to share.

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