Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vintage Patterns

I just received a smorgasbord of vintage patterns from a crafty friends with crafty family. Patterns from the early 50s up to the late 70s in all their flimsy tissue paper glory! The oldest ones are of course in a single size, seems this relative was a "size 11, bust 30" which is quite small for me. Fortunately I have done resizing before,and if ever I use these they would be transferred to sturdier paper first anyway.

There were several gems with "New Look" waist and full full skirts. Those of us who are bottom heavy like when the measurements say "hips - free". Perhaps I will never have the pert hair and brilliant red lipstick, but I intend to rock these dresses in style!
But not every thing can be a hit. As the patterns get newer there are two changes. Naturally the fashions, most of which I find somewhat less flattering. I mean, the bride's maid dresses should make them look like shapeless drab things, but that effect only works if the bride is wearing something less tent-like.
The second change in these patterns, is that home seamstresses became less bold. Many of the 70s patterns advertise "Only 2 main pieces!" (There are patterns from the 50's touting simplicity as well, but to a lesser extent) Unisex shapeless vest? Check. Pom-pom trim? Yep. Painfully fluorescent fabrics? Oh my. Item that is unflattering in order to avoid making closures? Facepalm...
In defense of the decades, the 50s had some truly ridiculous knitting patterns, and the 70s had more useable items. Except for the crocheted bell bottoms and granny square dress... What vintage styles inspire you the most?


Anonymous said...

Anything...and I mean literally anything from the 1940s inspires me immensely. Everything from music, films, crafts, and fashion! Yes, even the war :)

Pink said...

I've always loved he look of war propaganda posters, and swing music always gets me moving!