Wednesday, June 1, 2011

See My Bloomers?

The cycles of spring are turning- tulips are long gone, lilacs have faded... so it's time for irises! I am fortunate enough to have moved into a house with lovely purple iris plants all around the beds, from small pale lavender to big bold plum purples. Enough for my to bring some inside so I can enjoy the scent all the time, and still have dozens out in the yard. Perhaps some day I will even weed the flower beds...

Also - Radishes! Crisp and spicy, put the bottoms in salads and eat the fuzzy tops steamed with a little butter, the upside to the cold wet weather is how lovely my cool weather crops are this spring.

1 comment:

Chrisbeads said...

Mmm the irises are gorgeous. Make sure you do weed, because I managed to reduce mine down to just a few corms left because they got overgrown.
Radishes look tasty too!