Friday, June 10, 2011

Finds - Greening Up

As the garden has been thriving, and all the plants are enjoying the early rains we got, outside has become a shade of green so saturated I can hardly describe it. The bright and brilliant greens are almost tropical (unusual for Colorado) and I'm loving it! Just like this silk scarf from Essiewb you can wrap yourself in these great shades of green!

I think this should be me motto, like go big or go home right? The bright chartreuse cozy is as much a pick-you-up as whatever is in the cup. And a not so gentle reminder that you need to be doing wonderful things doesn't hurt. Knotworkshop wants to make your morning!

If you like to dress for the season, or you just enjoy bright colors, this necklace from SilverLiningDecor is cute and colorful. With brilliant greens that remind me of the foliage and yellow blooms this piece screams summer fun. And it's not fussy so you can dress it up or wear it with something casual!

Just what the procrastinating seamstress needs, something to remind her that she's hungry... This adorable green felt pincushion from Shmugusta is based on a yummy tomato. Oddly enough my attempts to stab real tomatoes with pins and needles just make a mess...

I am always in awe of woodworkers, they use big dangerous looking tools and bring out the natural beauty of the materials! This bowl from Makye77 is no exception, the smooth bright green interior contrast with the grainy black outside. The rough and cracking edges are a nice reminder of neighborhood trees, so fun to see the origin of items.

Perhaps you would care to enjoy a spectrum of brilliant greens year round? This sassy modern quilt from PeaceLoveandQuilts has greens front and back to bring color into your house. The tan background makes the colors pop that much more, and makes it work with many color schemes.


Sheila said...

I just saw your new background. PRETTY!

Pink said...

Thank you! I am not quite as hopeless with photoshop as I feared

Knot said...

So cool! Thank you!

essiewb said...

Big thanks for showing off my spring green silk scarf. I am in love with that color and couldn't wait to use the silk yarn. I'm enjoying your blog!