Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Time Travel Adventure to the Renissance Festival

For the opening weekend of the Faire a large contingent of Victorian adventurers boarded time travel devices and ventured into the far past to explore.
Within the walls of this Medieval village a plethora of festival goers milled about in their finery.
Music included these fine gentlemen wearing fabulous kilts. I find this sort of attire quite fetching, and future time travel expeditions may include a trip to Celtic lands.
A large variety of entertainment abounds - animal acts, slight of hand, acrobatics, comedy and wandering minstrels.
The King of the realm called for a competition of some sort. This "jousting" seemed to be a mix of mock warfare and insult trading. It seems unclear if the purpose of this act is to injure the opponent, and the participants seemed equally confused.
The dashing "Knights in Shining Armor" did carry on an impressive display of horsemanship. They seem to have a system of address and cover their items in symbols with cryptic meanings.
Our day was filled with fruitful observation on the odd customs of the past era, the costumes were varied and colorful, the food was unusual. This historical research will be helpful in future expeditions, and in understanding the past.
The locals still however seem to regard us warily.

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