Monday, June 20, 2011

Finds - Summer Solstice

The longest days of the year are upon us, the wheel turns, and solstice is more than just a feature of astronomy. This time of year we celebrate the beginning of summer harvest and the greening of the world. The Green Man and the Earthmother are busy providing for all of us, and we are busy working hard to keep up. This lovely card from EmilyBalivet features the Oak King - bringer of Litha and this fine weather we are all enjoying.

The blazing sun is the other focus of the solstice. The longest days of the year with the noonday sun climbing high and lingering long. This is when the crops flourish and nature hits her peak. This beautiful mosaic piece from DoMosaics combines bright sunshine and mottled greenery, and I bet it glints in the sun.

The light this time of year is special as the sun angles high in the mid-day and takes it's sweet time waiting to set. This photo from AnnWilkinson beautifully captures to lush greenery and the soft light. If this doesn't bring you a warm fuzzy feeling you might be a robot!

We're having a gray day here, so I might need to have some artificial sunshine to brighten the room. This window hanging in lovely yellow from HarvestMoonByHand is both intricately made and simply beautiful. Try not to get lost staring at it...

Bring color and warmth to an outfit year-round with this necklace from 13thStreetJewelry. Lush olive green with little bits of sunshine, just right for the midsummer. But you can brighten your life in the winter with it too.

Some yarn for you crafty folks, fiber sunshine! This cheery yellow from SweetBasilFibreWorks in perfect for summer months. Get some colorful needles out and get knitting! Make something light and lofty - tho in these parts summer still has those chilly days...

So to celebrate the summer months and the Green Man be sure to get outside! And you can bring a little bit of outside in... This sweet mask from MythicalDesigns is colorful enough to hang on the wall when you aren't wearing it out to your local solstice party. No parties you know of? Then get your crew together and make your own!

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