Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So I decided to start doing millinery ...

One day while at the fabric store I got a crazy idea, why look around for the perfect hat to match an outfit when I could make one? So I found an absurdly stiff interfacing and brought home a yard of it. I naturally had piled of black sateen and maroon lace just sitting around gathering dust... ( Doesn't everyone?)

I determined a head shape and made a paper mock up to try on, then cut out my interfacing. So far it looks like it might actually work. It also reminds you that these are sometimes called stovepipe hats.

I carefully layered the lace over the black to cover the pieces. I didn't end up fusing the interfacing, I simply held it in place with good top stitching. This is the first place I started to doubt that this was going to work.

More and more pieces coming together. Slight headache. My doubt increases. I take the project to my mother's house to make use of her machine. The Green Meany (my Bernina) is a flat plate machine, not good for cuff hemming, and hat sewing it would seem.

After fighting my mother's sewing machine for a bit, some cursing and some creative presser foot shenanigans, the hat is in one piece. I use the inside layer of black to make an inside hem and cover up all my madness.

Some shaping and accessories make for a serviceable hat. I don't imagine I'll be heading into the hat making business, but I am already plotting ways to better this design!

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