Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finds - Rainy Days

Today we have finally moved past spring showers. For several weeks the rain has been almost constant, lasting all day and hanging over night. The garden is thriving, but my spirits are a little low. Colorado is famous for it's sunshine, so I have to remember the beauty of the rain.
Perhaps glancing at this calm dark photo from AlanMogensen will help the mood...

Who says that needlework has to be old-fashioned and stodgy? This adorable little wall hanging from GooseandTrisser is sleek and modern. The fine colors of the thread on a bold blue backdrop are stunning, and perfect for decorating. A little bit of the storm to have around the house...

These earrings from TheAdornedArticle sparkle like raindrops. I love the shimmery blue color, matching the tones of a cloudy day. These would do well with a bright day too, but the elegant shape will always make you think of rain.

For some rainy day knitting (the best thing to do when you're feeling stuck inside) this lovely colorway from KnittinWolf. Put some tea on the stove and get out your crafting sticks, make something that will keep you warm while you're staying warm, the soft blues and grays will remind you of dark clouds and blue skies.

And what if gray days are your style...? LePtitPapillon has rain clouds for everyone, even in some bright not-so-rainy-day colors. That cute fluffy cloud is waiting to be hung on your wall to remind you that life is not all sunshine, and that's why it's awesome!

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