Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend!

I spent most of the weekend in Fort Collins for the Dwell Fair. It was held in a super cool old church with lots of funky nooks and crannies full of fun crafts. And I got to hang out with my friends who live up there! Who knew that this land-locked state actually has some awesome sushi... Thanks to everyone who came out to the fair, met some interesting vendors from up there, and some folks who also made the trek from Denver.
Then on Sunday we had the final workshop for the up-and-coming vendors! You locals will be able to see the neat booth they've created (and all the goods they make of course) at the Crafty Ballyhoo this coming Sunday! ...and if I survive finals, I'll be there selling too.

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Karen said...

Glad you had fun! That looks like a beautiful church.