Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finds - Enchanted Forest

This time of year is always green, but due to some much needed but surprisingly heavy rains Colorado is starting to look so damn green it's... almost like magic?
This week we're traveling thru an enchanted forest, just like the one captured here by SeeShellsPhotography. In the north-west these sorts of vistas may be common place, but here in the high desert a grove this lush is downright supernatural!

And what good forest setting is lacking in cute (tho possibly dangerous) little mushrooms? These hair pins from GardenVibe can add a hippy touch to an outfit, or simply hold your hair back while you're running about the woods.

For the pixie in your life, or your own inner pixie, get some woodsy fun from TheFaerieMarket. With hair pieces and other accessories in a myriad of different leaf shapes this shop is awash with earthy colors and fun textures. It is easy being green...

Some magic sparkles for a romp thru the woods, this fun piece from MorningGloryDesigns adds some earthy shine to any outfit. There's a whole collection of forest themed jewelry in this shop, for those who love to accessorize!

And for us crafty folks, some truly yummy sparkle-tastic yarn! Handspun by Autumnrose this great thick and thin wool yarn would add magic to any project, fae knitting and otherwise...

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful selections, I especially like the yarn! Thanks for featuring my headband. :)

~Betsie/ The Faerie Market