Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafty Ballyhoo 2011

Yesterday was the Crafty Ballyhoo, part of a Create Denver Week event, and despite it being a little cold and rainy it was a blast! There were a bunch of great local crafters hanging out in the basement of the historic Grant-Humphrys mansion.
Outside was out Up-and-Coming Vendor showcase. These 7 businesses just did a series of workshops to get them ready for Craft Shows and hopefully quit-your-day-job success! They all had awesome products, and did pretty well despite the cold.
The main floor of the building was Fashion Denver's space, and they didn't disappoint with cool goods from local designers and several fashion shows.
And upstairs was an even more rockin' time... interactive fun with craft making for all ages! Just in case people were so inspired by all the handmade goodness that they had to jump in themselves. An awesome event as always, looking forward to more Ballyhoos!


Karen said...

Sounds like the kind of show I would enjoy visiting!

Pink said...

It was quite a production, many different organizations stuffing themselves into one big old house... sounds like the basis for a reality show?