Thursday, December 4, 2008

Geeks with Pointy Metal Things

Beware... So I used to be a bit of a video game addict, there are albums which I would listen to while gaming, and a Johnny Lang song cannot go by without seeing Link stab at little bats. Well, then I got older, and no longer had time to spend hours questing about the land of Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom. My NES collects dust atop the sound system.

Now some years ago I began knitting again, and accumulating little balls of yarn. Balls too large to be "scrap" but too small for an actual project. So I did what any regular normal average knitter would do, and knit little squares. but what to do with such a thing...

Last night I got a little manic... by a little I mean I baked cupcakes and spent several hours knitting and piecing. My new inspiration? I'm making a Tetris quilt. That's right, bask in the geekery.

I have struggled with Tetris addiction on and off for years. While a camp counselor I made the mistake of bringing along my system to set up in the staff lounge. We were late to many meals and missed curfew a few times. ^.^ And the Original Tetris (Russian Mind Game) has a co-op mode, with two pieces falling on the same screen. I would tape the two controllers to each other and play by my self.... wow, I just realized how sad that sounds.

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