Monday, December 8, 2008

Vintage Estate Sale find of the Week

So my Mom has been bringing me good stuff from an estate sale, and it's been going on for three weeks! The final day was yesterday, and everything was half price. I was thinking seriously, after three weekends this has got to be pretty picked over. Good lord! I wish I'd brought my camera as I can barely describe the amounts of stuff!! These people were appearently collectors and room after room was spilling over with Tonka trucks, glass ware, watches and pocket knifes, tools, pottery, books and magazines, gas lanterns, crappy jewelry, vintage kitchen gear, a bucket of yard sticks ... there were even coffee cans and jars filled with rocks! Plain old rocks!
The sewing room included boxes of mixed notions, a crate of zippers, knitting needles, a box of sewing kits, loads of fabric, unfinished projects and even three buckets of thread! I came away with a box of assorted scraps and such, knitting needles, a box of yarn and buttons.
As I began sorting and processing the fabric this bit of old-time-ness caught my eye. That's right people, measure...measure...measure...cut!And the buttons ::swoon:: two bags of just PINK buttons, most still on the card. One bag of sorted strung buttons (god I love organized old ladies), and a jar of fabric covered buttons which I spent the afternoon joyfully sorting. My button stash runneth over, I will never be digging aroung for just the right color again! Uh-oh, I 'spose I'm well on my way to having an estate sale just like this one...

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