Thursday, December 25, 2008

And Now For Something Compleately Different

Heres some of the random pictures taken around Japan, some things just defy cultural description.

Like a Bird telling you not to touch the high voltage wires. Or naked women playing with doves.

A bicycle covered with rhinestones. You have no idea how much I want one!

Wouldn't you like to go shopping at Titty & Co ? Things that must not have translated the way they wanted it to...

Really alot of the stores have somewhat english names, that may or may not mean quite what was intended. 

And what to we do in fancy restaurants?  Cook our own food on the in table grill, and play with the chop sticks...

Would you like a Macaroni Western Bible? How about a Peruvian Flute Band? You can get about any thing in Akihabara.

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