Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Square Enix Store

Where can I get the job of making life sized models of Anime charecters and their clothes? Seriously, coolest job ever. And I think the Square Enix Store exist just to show it off. You could buy most any of the products at other toy stores. But here they have jewelry... and a life sized Sephiroth in glass. You can't get it this good in the states I tell you. Also strange, the stuffies can be had for about $20, the T-shirts however will set you back more then $50. I think they've got it backwards eh?

Furthermore, the cool little models, I wanna make those too. They have a ton of them, but the ones in mid battle seem to be the most skillful. Truly, a house full of these would be really super cool.

Really, the plushies are my favorite tho, unbelieveably cute! I almost want a full set to cuddle with, but I'm not really a teddy bear kinda girl. The Christmas Chocobos are about the sweetest thing ever, almost a sweet as Christmas Cake! Finally Jet got to go somewhere he was looking forward to!

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