Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi, I'm Hello Kitty. Look at my Ribbon!

We've been the last two nights in Shinjuku, the most bustling busy corner of Tokyo. Here all the fashionable people get fashionable things, and no one is more fashionable then Hello Kitty. We came upon this little corner of Cute, a Hello Kitty Store. I imagine somewhere in Tokyo there is an even larger pile of cute. If you're looking for a pink fix there's not much better I'd think. Here just about everything you've ever wanted (or not) is available with Miss Kitty or her Bunny cohort. No sign of Karoppi or anyone else in the bunch.

Bento (Lunch) boxes, water bottles, pens pencils and notebooks, clothes (including pink thongs) pillows... the list goes on.

Here's my favorite piece of Kitty swag, a Janome "Mashin". Covered in kawaii and ichigo (strawberries) it will run you a little over a hundred dollars. More like 120$ with the current exchange rate *~*

It does little more then zig-zag though, so don't expect to have an easy time using it to make your Cosplay project.

And of course luggage, to carry your Hello Kitty stuff home with you. When phone bling isn't enough to let everyone know you're a fanboy, this is the (roll around) way to go. "Some people paint pictures, some people write poetry. I dress up and go out." Kawaii!!!

And here, for no reason at all, is a large reproduction of the LOVE symbol. And Jet.

And here, is the Shinjuku Flea Market. Well, nothing so official, but a number of people bring a tarp or a blanket and lay out heir goods. Some have old household items, others are selling wholesaled new goods. The prices seemed very good, but wouldn't you know most Japanese women are waaaay smaller then me. This is in Shinjuku Park, not the Shinjuku Park tho, as that park is HUGE, and on the other side of the park from where we stayed.

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