Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often

So most states have now offered early voting and absentee ballots and here's just some of the reasons you should get on it.

On Nov. 4th at 5:30 PM you won't have to say "Oh Shit! Today's voting day! Where do I go?"

You can sit down with the voter info book and a dictionary at your kitchen table and write it down as you go, instead of trying to remember which referendums are yes worthy.

When ever some one pushing flyers or bugging you on the phone to "blah blah blah..." you can just say "I already voted" And give them a smug look, glad to be free of all that bickering, partisanship, and just plain lies.

There, don't you feel good? You've done your once yearly input in the the democracy machine, now sit back and watch while they screw it all up, and wait for the next chance you get to vote out the bums!

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