Saturday, November 1, 2008


If more people were crafty Halloween would have better costumes!

Not surprisingly this year had a strong batman theme, but we knew better then to feed the joker mania... so my Boyfriend opted for Two-Face. An easy costume, but very classy. This decision was made at the 11th hour so quick and easy reconstruction was the way to go!

I dug around in my piles of dumpster dived clothes to find two full suits that would fit. I found 'em, but the fit was a little small, good thing it's only for one night!!

Both were really well made suits, it's great fun to rip out a well made garment and see all the little features. Extra linings sewn to the fabric edge in the crotch to cover-up if you have a butt blow-out, triple stitched zippers, a zillion layers in the waist-band- all tacked down and pressed. The little things that make an item well made make it hard to pull apart!!!

I considered frankenstien-ing a tie as well, but a survey of my tie collection brought up this split colored piece, just perfect! Good thing too, as I realized a tie with a seam down the middle would be a huge pain to tie nicely.
Turns out I'm not the only seamstress in our circle of friends, and Jet had a twin at the party...Ooops? Best looking thrown-together-in a few hours costume I've ever seen!

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