Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scarf Love

Ah! We approach scarf season! Although yesterday was 77F here in Denver... Grrrr!!! Usually the scarf is the total beginner training pattern. Nice and simple, row after row, work on the bus or while watching the telly...

Here are a rainbow of scarves that are much more then just a back and forth. Bringing a little artistry to the game. DesignsbyVelvet made this lovely piece, a mobius scarf with bright red yarn in a lace pattern. Sassy!!

At first glance this is a standard straight down knit, but juliedaviscanter has added a bunch of lovely flowers strewn about it's length. Fancy and functional! I've often thought of making such a scarf complete with leaves and vines... but as of now my knit and crocheted flowers leave much to be desired. Unlike these well balanced, nicely placed little cuties!

For those of you who are pattern readers, you too can join the scarfs with flair club, like amillee. A nice vintage-y color I think really complements the style, and it would be a perfect accessory for a thrift store outfit! Nice scalloped edges look fluffy and great for tickling ones face. I imagine it is quite warm as well, despite the lacy appearance!

Corpseknit has been one of my favorite sellers for some time. Nice understated pieces that are elegant yet perennially functional. This seller has a knitting machine, but that's no put-down! The use of those devices constitutes a skill in and of it's self, and these are all meticulous and neat. I love the two-sided aspect, and this definitely would guard against much winter's chill. And look at that picture!! Class. Just plain class.

Cable knits always make me think of small Irish seaside villages. Nothing wrong with that mind you. Tinateee Has taken the style to a hip fashionable place, with lovely heavy yarns and bright colors these are also in the function and form category. This shade of blue has always seemed quite winter-y to me, and a bold piece it would be worn with black or white!

Last, but my no means least is this light airy piece. fray has created a very modern lovely piece! A truly awesome use of a variegated yarn, showcasing all the shades alone. This seller has this design in many colors, and it looks amazing in all of them. Not a super warm piece perhaps, but such an accessory you wouldn't take it off when you come inside from the chill!


missknits said...

wow i just adore all these! such beautiful work!

Tina said...

very lovely, thank you for including my scarf!