Monday, November 17, 2008

Emo Sewing (Darkness Around Me...)

I'm sick, and sore, and taking care of a sicker boyfriend. Woe and misery. (Really it's not the bad, I just like to be melodramatic.)

So I spent the day cutting...

I just received a box of de-stash from Etsy seller PegasusMaiden, and a box of randomness from a garage sale. And so I sat down to play the cut and paste game, refilling my "leaf" bag and trying some new shapes and ideas. A while back when I started making tree bags, I had a selfish breakthrough. We crafters must occasionally keep stuff for our selves now and then.
I began planning a tree quilt, like a tree bag, but much much bigger. I've been saving one leaf from each fabric I use, and here they are laid out to ensure singularity ("There can be only one...").

Who knows when I'll get around to that project, perhaps when I'm no longer in a closet...

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