Sunday, November 23, 2008

Apple Banana Zucchini Bread

That's what I had for breakfast! Are you jealous? You should be.
Oh but you too can own this delicious aroma, this moist and squishy yummyness. All you need is some really black gross icky banana's in your freezer. Got 'em? Ok leave them there for several months, make sure your boyfriend questions their edibility and your sanity a few times. Now mash them with a stick of butter. Delectable eh?
You needn't add very much sugar, the bananas are super sweet and the apples are a nice mix of sugar and tart.
Shred some zucchini, my favorite step. Does this look a little phallic...
Good, a large pile of vegetal matter, add flour and stuff, bake forever (See my Zucchini Bread Post) Just another variation on our favorite green Fruedian slip.

A super healthy and suitable delicious breakfast, but the win was to eat it right out of the oven, sublime!

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missknits said...

ohhhh yum! i've never had this variation before but ooo it looks and sounds so good! might have to try it now!

and thanks for the comment on my cuffs, i hope so! they are such pretty ties and are fun to make!