Monday, October 13, 2008

Ghost in the Garden!

BOO! Way cuter then jack-o-lanterns, and a lot less messy! These are the curcubit decor of the year around my house. Believe it or not, we actually planted Patty Pan Squash. They're s'pose to look like little UFOs, flat and round with crenelations around the edge.

And small, I've never seen a big Patty Pan. Well, the seeds are commercial and we planted two hills, the soil is really rather terrible there but something must have gotten them going... 'cause they're HUGE! Long skinny and white, just took a few seconds with a sharpie and voĆ­la! Little ghost! 

The best of course, is that these have lots to eat and are worth while even if you have to peel them, so leaving them out a few nights for decor doesn't waste any home-grown goodness! Loads better then carving giant zucchini into sharks...yes...we've done it.

Yeah for Halloween!!

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