Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dead Ties

The tie is not dead, but it may be on it's way out. Not many men wear them on a daily basis anymore. The upside, it that used ties are cheap and common on the thrift-garage circuit. My mother bought another bag for me, colorful ones this time, and some really sweet textured fabric.
I'm getting to have too many, hanging up in the closet there's not much room for me to sit! they're hitting me in the back of the head!
There will always be ones that make you wonder, would anyone ever actually wear this in public? With a straight face? There's one with a printed computer...circa 1992, and some truly terrible Easter Bunny pics. Ick!

But then there's this little piece, a beautiful head band made from the ends of several pink ties. It's adorable!! And it was 50cents. Who knows what was done with the rest of the ties, but I'd have some ideas!

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