Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mad Scientist

Muah-ha-ha! I love setting grommets!!! It's a little like surgery or something. @.@ Makes me think I ought to get into jewelry making or such, but I think if I pick up any more hobbies my head will explode.

Now, I'd like to share a few tips with you all on getting mechanical.
1. Buy a grommet setter! Most craft stores offer grommet packs with little metal "stamps"... they suck, they're worthless, shell out for a setter and leave the hammer in the tool kit. Trust me. For cleanly set round holes in exactly where you want them, the setter is key. I got mine from a garage sale for a buck-fiddy, and it came with a bag of assorted grommets. Many of them are also good for two-part snaps.
2. Use the pointiest scissors you own to make holes just barely big enough to force the grommet through.
3. Make sure it's in the right spot and facing the right way, before you squeeze. Once they're in, they're designedLinkd to be really hard to get out.

And most importantly-use them every where!! Even if you don't have anything to thread through them they are an excellent embellishment. And once you've bought a setter, you'll need excuses to use it right?

The corset bag, BTW is available here.

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