Friday, January 21, 2011

Finds - the Woodshop

There are many many crafty things I do, but sadly woodwork is not one of them. I gaze enviously at those who weld power tools and sandpaper to create things from the husk of trees. Fortunately I am able to use the fruits of their labors for my own creative endeavors! Here are this weeks woody finds...
Are there many things more fun than a luscious lucet? These are ancient Scandinavian tools used to make long cords (similar to an i-cord). Syrendell has elegently shaped and beautifully colored lucets made from natural woods. They are easy to use, a quick youtube search brings up many videos to show the technique quickly and easily. You can use them with any size or type of yarn to make quick braided style cords and trim!

The home knitter who likes to curl up on the couch with the cats and a good telenovela swears by the knitting bowl! It allows the yarn to spin and unwind freely without rolling all over the floor (cats everywhere are saddened by this) OneGoodTurn4U has lovely lathe made wood items with the gorgeous natural finish of fine woods.

Here's an item from Granny's box of secrets - a darning egg! Placed inside a sock to fill out the shape when one is darning holes in the toes and heels. CustomWoodDesigns has this one in fabulous rosewood, and many others in different shapes and sizes (everyone has a preferred style). If you have ever spent hours on a pair of lovely hand-knit socks and then worn through the bottom... learn to darn!

Now here is a tool one cannot have too many of, I am always looking for mine! (I own two, perhaps that isn't enough) This needle gauge tool from LladyLlamaFiberCo is both utilitarian and super freakin' cute! You could make a gauge in any shape, why not one that's neat? And these come in several colors so you can find your favorite - and then tell small children that Llamas grow that color naturally...

And naturally a very important part of the knitting process... the needles! Sistermaide's lathe turned wood needles have lovely grain and finish. Wood needles are light, warm and easy on the hands, and environmentally friendly! Your handmaking enterprises deserve handmade tools.
I had so many sweet finds that I couldn't fit them all in one post... so next weeks finds will be a continuation focusing on the spinners arts!

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Tan Family said...

Thank you for featuring our lucets! Wonderful blog. :)