Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spinning in Turquoise

Yesterday I jumped right back into crafting by pulling out and setting up the drum carder to begin attacking some of the piles of fluff sitting around the craft room. The alpaca fleece defies efforts to compact it and tends to burst out of bags and boxes... and this is before carding! Once I place a lock in the carder is explodes into a cloud of fluff. So I blend the alpaca with heavier and greasier fibers to calm it down and give it strength.

Then of course we add a little magic (AKA Mylar shreds) because sparkly yarn is happy yarn. I enjoyed my new bobbin and flyer sooo much as I was able to spin for several hours at craft night and never filled it up! I think I will be able to fit all 6 ounces of this colorway on a single bobbin, which gives me lots of options on how to split the skein. Hooray yarn!

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