Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geekery Finds (Talk Nerdy to Me)

For my weekend finds I was inspired to trawl the depths of geekery, the good stuff which makes people look at you askance and brings and understanding smile from those who know...
First off, pearler beads blast from the past! I remember making stuff with these in kindergarden and watching as an iron made magic things happen (to this day my irons are used on non-fabric projects far more then on clothes) And the original Zelda! Running around and doing a little stabby motion to kill oktoroks so simple and yet so much fun!PixelPlus had dozens of retro video game fun that is sure to bring a nostalgic smile to all children of the 70s and 80s.

Anyone else wondering where their robot servant is? 2011 and no flying cars either... But there are heart stealing robots it seems, like this little guy made by SleepyRobot13. His shiny silver little hands clinging desperately to a huge heart - what a cutie!

If you want to join in the crafting of nerdiness then check out this pattern from ElfStitch for Dr. Who Daleks. Classic sampler style with wicked destructive things = my favorite type of mash-up! Looks quick and easy enough for the novice stitcher to complete.

Sometimes it isn't enough to simply be the greatest, you need some wicked wrist armor to let everyone know that you pwn noobs. FeltQuirk hand-stitched this wonderful cuff of +5 awesomeness to that you could proclaim your oddness to the world, don't leave them guessing!

Squeeee! Behold the cuteness of ButterflyLove1's baby black hole! Those big inky eyes are just staring at you begging "don't get too close I'll swallow you" which also means "cuddle me please. Men - get this so you can use the pick-up line "Hey baby, wanna come over and check out my event horizon?" or you can just give it to the nerdy girl in your life.

And finally, sparkles and geekery - two great taste that go great together! A few dozen dice of varying sizes and shades of purple that will weed people into three groups - a.) those who have no idea what a 20 sided die could be for b.) those who know and think you're a wierdo c.) those who want to invite you to game night! WyrdandWired brings together all these dice so nerds can fulfill their compulsion for shiny stuff!

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TiLT said...

fantastic geek finds! I love Sleepy Robot! And anything Doctor Who always wins :)