Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How-to Steampunk Cuffs

The word Steampunk can mean many things, and interpretations are endless, but a sure symbol of steampunk intentions is the cog and gear. If you aren't a metalsmith, inclined to create your own parts I suggest pilfering old watch parts. I spent a dollar or two on etsy to get mine already separated and picked.

The cuffs them selves are a simple operation, a rectangle of fabric sized to my wrist, with lace trim on the lower edge. vintage buttons and a row of neat button holes complete the closure and the look. I also dug through the box of shinies and discovered a small vial of red seed beads perfect for adding glitter.

The gears hands and bars were tacked in place with thread, and beads occasionally helping secure a large hole. The greatest challenge for me was to give them the look of random scatter instead of evenly spacing each item across the cuff. Now just pair them with Gothic Victorian garb and you have a little touch of Steampunk for the day!

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