Thursday, January 14, 2016

Muhu Island - Fishermen and Twilight

 On our jaunts around Estonia we had a quick trip to Muhu island. The island is noted for distinct cultural practices, and a very clear knitting style. (The drawings in that link? Those came from the students at the Heimtali School Museum.) Even the common colors, notably orange, were not used on the mainland.
 We stayed at a small farm house in the village of Koguva, an old fisher village that is well preserved and hosts the Muhu museum.
 As we walked the shores (late in the evening, as it goes in Midsummer,) we explored the old boats up on shore, and quietly watched a fisherman and a small child enjoying the peaceful evening.
 I love this little tiny boat! It's so tall!
 Koguva also hosts the oldest functioning windmill in Estonia (so said the local brochures, I've not been able to corroborate online.) It faced out on the Baltic, looking across to the island of Saaremaa.

 I found that the traditional housing style reminded me of Jomon Japan from my visits there. Many of these houses are listed as being hundreds of years old, with the usual thatching re-done periodically.
 What a wonderful way to end the day!
Stay tuned for more about our visit to Muhu, and the ancient cultural attractions there.

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