Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Estonian Craft Camp - The Site - Oluvestre

 I've been posting quite a bit about my experiences at last year's Estonian Craft Camp, in fact I still have two more projects to tell you about! But the making of things is hardly the best part of the camp, the scenery is just as good.

 The setting as an old manor grounds which dates to the 16th Century, with luxurious grounds, and many outbuildings that were artisan workshops.

 We had workshops in places like the ceramics shop, blacksmith, farriers, and all of this surrounded by a still functioning estate farm!

 Most of these photos were, in fact, taken by Mr. Crafty as he wandered the grounds on his days off. He only did two workshops which left considerable time to explore and spend time out  on the dales.

 In fact, there are more photos, but my camera died so they were taken on my phone! It is a really lovely site, and worth visiting even if one is not Craft Camp inclined.

 Ah, look at that endless daylight, the Midsummer sun still shining into the late evening.
If you have any crafty curiosity, and a desire to travel, I highly recommend Estonia! Craft Camp sign-ups for 2016 are open!

It's wild to see the bright summer sun while in the midst of winter, but this is how long it's taken to get to my vacation photos... Ugh! More to come, I promise! (I also realised that I may have some photos from past trips that never made it onto the blog, I'm on it!)

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