Thursday, January 21, 2016

Haapsalu Estonia - Castle by the Sea

It had seemed to us, while in Estonia, that every hill of any vantage had a castle tower on it! We rode into the seaside resort town of Haapsalu on a very different sort of tourism (a site for a future post!) but found the charming town was much to our liking!
 Right in the center, looking out on the old town center from above, is an old bishopric and cathedral. Wandering through the extensive grounds are a variety of walls and buildings, of various ages, and in differing states of repair.

 The main building hosts a small restaurant, medieval games, and a museum. Artisan shops with folk doing demos are also available, but time restrained us.
 From old defensive positions - to a modern stage! The sprawling grounds are a considerable tourist attraction, with good reason.
 Old moat ditches, from this wall one could look down on the town, and out to sea!

You think this is my last post about a random old castle ruins? It's not! Hooray for traveling...

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