Monday, June 3, 2013

Stash Bust 2013 - Cowls

 In my organization of my yarn stash I found several balls of this great variegated bouclé yarn -  "Que Linda" from the 70s. It was a bit moth-eaten (who knows if that was recent damage, or old news), So I plyed each with left-overs to give it some strength.

With a small amount of each I decided on some small projects, these simple cowls. I was able to cast on and simply knit until the yarn was gone! The two balls of yellow and brown were close enough to use together, and they made a fairly warm tight autumnal cowl. The green is great colors, but more suited to summer, so I made it looser and more decorative.
 I didn't want to use a simple knit stitch, so I came up with two simple repetitive patterns to give a little texture. Both alternate with simple knit rows, and the work went quite quickly.

 These bouncy bouclés made nice colorful pieces. It pays sometimes to salvage the damaged bits! What have you been making?

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