Sunday, June 16, 2013

Faire Sewing Adventures

 Last week I came into posession of several old family kilts. (To be clear, not in the family tartan, just bought by my grandmother many decades ago.) The man's kilt happened to fit Mr. Crafty just perfectly. The same cannot be said for the two ladies kilts fitting me, Grandma is the smallest women in the family! I'll be doing some alterations on those to make them work for me.

I convinced Mr. Crafty that he ought to embrace his Scottish roots for this year's Ren. Faire, which left me responsible for a proper top for him. I decided to go for a very old style Saxon tunic, all straight lines. (This is what happens when you're sewing the day before the Faire...) The armpit gussets are a square turned on it's side and sewn to the sleeves and sides.

Unfortunately, modern muslin is a rather more thin and fragile fabric than the flax homespun used in ye olden days. The upside - very light and cool. The downside - not a perfect sun blocker, and of course quite translucent.

 And for myself? I have an entire dresser drawer of costume pieces, so I didn't need to make anything new. Not that that has stopped me in the past of course...

I did, however, do some repairs and a nifty alteration. At Faire each year there is always the issue  of carrying capacity and adverse temperatures (sounds like D & D, no?).

I had a smart thought, I own a camelback with 72 oz. of water space. But, it came with a bright blue and yellow pack, not quite period unless your period is the 1980s. So I found the only part of my costume with space in it - the bustle. Badonka-donk ass + hydration = awesome.
 So a Victorian time-traveler and a 9th century Pict walk into a bar...

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