Saturday, November 10, 2012

I had a Notion...

 In fact, I have dozens of them. Bags of vintage cards covered in seam bindings and hem tape. I'm not much of a seam finisher, I use french seams when ever possible to reign in those fuzzy ends.

But I must admit, seam binding made an easy option for what would otherwise be a tricky hem! I bought new fabric this weekend (just what I need, it was on sale! Don't give me that look...) I wanted  simple A-line skirt, but I always want pockets! So I cut a pocket opening and a pocket backing. I opted against a hanging pocket since those always ride up on me.

 I dug out some lovely light blue seam binding, and quick as a cat chasing a squirrel who ate the face off a jack-o-lantern it was hemmed. A nice contrast to an otherwise plain skirt.

 It was quick to sew up, the most time was spent on the zipper and four buttons! I bought two fabrics, and I think with the other one I'll make a wider skirt for more fluff! Perhaps the best way to keep the stash under control would be to sew with fabrics almost the same day you get them home...
Oh, and did I mention I finished my heirloom Peardrop? Local Colorado Black Welsh and Shetland in marvelous heathered charcoals. Now I'm ready for my day!

Are you stash building or stash busting? What about using up those old notions?

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