Thursday, November 22, 2012

What We're Thankful For - NO PANTS

 Back in the old days (before Pintrest) when you found something cool on the internet you wanted to make you dropped it into a folder of funny cat pictures on your desktop where it languished until the right opportunity came along...

Now that people have Pintrest all your unmade inspirations are out for the world to see, neatly organized into "Crafts I do but don't want to start a big project until I wrap up all my current ones", "Crafts I want to learn one day" and "Crafts I once knew how to do but have since forgotten even though I still have all the tools in my craft stash".

Here's an item from my stash of photos, I can't find the original site (let me know if you recognize it!) that I just had to make for my sister. She's 30 this Friday, and we're going to Vegas to get stupid drunk and make fun of the other stupid drunks (I guess some people go to gamble too.) The rule at her house? NO PANTS!

I personally am a skirt girl, but I agree that home is no place to be wearing clothes! She is thrilled with it (of course I handed it over early, I was so excited!) and requested a tacky lace trim and ribbon hanger for that... classic feel?

I hope all of you have a lovely Thanksgiving, stuff your face, stay home tomorrow, and never put on pants unless you have to...

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