Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jacob's Fleece

Last Summer while driving to a family wedding I took a pit stop at a Jacob's ranch in Nebraska. Jacobs are a cute breed of sheep with mixed spots of white and dark brown wool. There most notable feature however is their horns, usually at least four but I have seen them with as many as 7! Not all of them grow as impressively as this handsome ram, but there's always something there.
 I wanted to enjoy the full range of colors, so I sorted the fleece into three piles. One dark, one white, and the stuff too mixed up to be easily separated. I'm hoping to get a middle shade and do some kind of Scandinavian style colorwork with the finished yarn.

The two colors really make a nice heather grey, with just a little brown. There's an awful lot of grass and hay bits, so it will be slow spinning, but the carding was quick and easy, soft and fluffy!
I can't wait to finish the spinning and see how many yards I have, then I'll be able to decide what to make!

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