Friday, May 4, 2012

Drinking with Style!

 Project of the day today, was to take my plain flask, and make it awesome. Why? Besides the fact I would hate to have a mix-up at an out-door boozing event... Drinking is even more fun with cool drinking vessels.
 Start with a random leather scrap (yes, I do just have these sitting around, it's a messy craft room.)
Cut to size, there's a flap for the bottom and a top flap which will be cut to fit over the cap.
 I punched all the sewing holes with an awl. I can never stand to let things be unadorned so I also punched holes in a leaf pattern to add beads.
 The beads went on with a two needle technique - one needle strings the beads straight, the other tacks down the cord. It was tough to find a needle that fit the heavy cord and went thru the beads!
 I had an old belt closure to use for a carry clip, so I sewed one piece of it on the back...
 Then stitched up the bottom and side.
 I cut a hole and sewed the flap over the top, securing the whole case on the flask. My fingers were getting sore at this point, and I was using a pair of pliers to pull the needle thru.
 The other end of a scrapped fashion belt became the belt loop piece. simple enough design, but this belt is thick! It was tricky, but a short seam.
Here we are, a nifty side flask! I can easily pull it off for drinking and refilling. It;s going to be perfect for camping and hiking this summer. Are you getting ready for outdoors time with your crafts?

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