Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finds - Mead

I've been on a brewing kick. Each time I walk around and see fruits or herbs I think "ooooh, that would be good fermented!" In honor of one of the worlds oldest drinks, here's some fine uses of honey and yeast.

Like a lovely cross-stitch pattern from LadyBeta. Simplicity and deliciousness, the mainstays of the warriors of old!
And in the oldest traditions we can fill the horn and pass it around. From a simple cows horn, to exotic species, and horns crusted in silver and gold - what better way to honor the drink of the gods? Decorated horn from FableWorkshop with Celtic knots.

Now any fashionable Viking knows about the importance of beard conditioning... right? An oil from BathSabbath in perfect scent for Odin's followers. We're used to having our face smell like mead anyway.

If you are not so lucky as to posses a large beard (I'm not, can't get the damn thing to grow at all!) perhaps you can fill your house with the faint sweet scent of drunken revelry. A Mead candle from WitchCityWicks can add ambiance on a whole 'nother level! Light to see your bottles by.

To satisfy a non-alcoholic  sweet tooth perhaps some mead flavored lollies? TheGroovyBaker whips up batches for gatherings that need something for the kiddies... or those days when you can't carry the flask with you.

Now I know well enough to never leave the inn without a flask of elvish wine, or a bottle of mead! Any D20 user should beware getting caught without a little spare booze to finish that dungeon, here is "backup mead" from LokisLuckyCharms. Perhaps not as good as a backup flask, but perhaps one should carry both?

Traditional Celtic healing taught that there were three important healing elements. Water, Honey and Labor. I say let the yeast do the work and give them honey and water to work with. It heals me right up... What's your favorite tipple? Have you ever tried brewing?

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