Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colorado Vacation (More!)

 After a day of biking and hiking we drove up a narrow and steep road to the flat top mountains. The Canyon is about 6000 ft. at the upper end, our campsite was above 10,000! We woke up to a heavy layer of frost on the ground and ice on the nearby pond, it was a chilly night. But we also woke up to this lovely view!
 On the way down we came to a switchback filled entirely with sheep and this year's little lambs. Sooooooo cute! It was a noisy dusty scene, but the sheep do know to get out of the road eventually. A little sheepdog even showed up to help keep things moving.
 And we spent the next two nights farther down the river, at the mouth of another canyon. Our campsite was nestled right up to the Colorado River, and we got to wake up the next two mornings to a wonderful sight. We could even go fishing right there a few meters from the tent.
This was a much lower elevation, so we didn't shiver at all those nights. In fact, it was so hot while we were riding we just had to duck into a couple of wineries and a meadery to refresh ourselves. What a bummer... I'm now stocked with delicious local booze for several weeks! What a way to enjoy your state.

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