Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finds - Warm Colors for Cold Months

I don't believe in dressing dark and dreary for winter, the weather does enough of that. We may not be in the mood for all sunshine and flowers, but we can put a bit of color in our lives to remind that spring is on it's way! Little things like these hair clips from ArtTheme will bring some of my favorite tones - bright pink and brilliant yellow - into your wardrobe.

And if subtle is not your style (not often mine for sure) get colorful, bright, and bold! SamanthaCasteel has big fluffy head pieces (and feathers are so IN right now too) that will add flair and fun to your outfit. Shake your fist at winter and taunt it with some sassy accessories ya?

And of course, besides looking warm, you could be warm... This hand-spun merino yarn from HandcraftedGifts (with just a little sparkle, a girl after my own heart) would be perfect to knit or crochet some soft fuzzies for the winter and spring - it stays cold here in Colorado for a while yet after all.

These vibrant modern colors work great with the stark modern lines in this photo from SSCPhotography. This print would add color to any room in the house, and the shocking contrast will draw eyes to it! Even if you don't share the same affinity for these colors that I do, they enliven places and would surely help you wake up in the morning...

And what would a "Finds" post be without a little bit of geekery? Boring, that's what. Who's keychain wouldn't love a little paramecium action... the bright colors will make them easy to spot; and you can divide the world in to people who have a clue what it is, and people who think it's a symbol from some hip band they've never heard of. WhatNoMints has lots of hand-stitched plush goodies to brighten your day!

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