Friday, February 4, 2011

Finds - Garden Season is Coming...

It's the time of year when I look out on a yard full of snow, and begin to visualize a vibrant plot of plants. I sketch out and measure and wait impatiently for thawed ground...

So naturally in the middle of the season you will have lost the paper with your careful garden plan on it, and you will be trying to sort the parsley from the cilantro. Mark that garden people, these tags from BradensGraceWallArt are versatile and reusable. So you'll know what you're waiting for in each row...

If you are short on yard, or borrowing a plot (that is to say you rent and cannot simply plow the grass) container gardens are simple and very manageable. A good wooden box like this one from SimplyRustic takes a small amount of good soil, is easy to water, and will brighten your cuisine all summer!

And what to plant? May I suggest my biggest garden surprise from the last season - Super Sioux Tomatoes. TheBearFootShaman has a wide variety of seeds, tested and proven in her own plot, but the finest produced from the seeds I got from her was this humble plant. Gobs of large flavorful tomatoes both firm enough for sauce and juicy enough for munching.

Perhaps you don't have your own plot, but you probably have an empty patch of ground in your city that is waiting for green things. SeedBombz will feed your desire to plant and your urge to mischief at the same time. A little bit of Guerrilla Gardening will brighten your spring!
A self contained garden is bright and earth, but never leaks on the windowsill or drops soil on the carpet. DoodleBirdie carefully arranged this small piece of garden in a nearly sealed container and made a low maintenance piece of nature that can be easily incorporated into any home! The bird just makes it that much cuter.

And what is a garden with no gnome? A crummy boring garden that's what! This petite fellow from JanellBerryman is cute enough for any home, and small enough to adorn a modest window box or inside planter pot, little gardens can have lawn ornaments to yaknow?