Friday, February 18, 2011

Finds - Red and Ready!

As the seasons change so to does my hair, so in honor of my new color I went trolling for this weeks Etsy finds in brilliant shades of red!
Are you ready for the cuteness? Little Nessie here from FeltedFriends has got you covered! Sure you could use a child as an excuse to get his, of you could just admit that adults need playthings too and snap it up for yourself.

Add some spots of color to your life, careful arrange this trio of birds from SkyeArt to catch the afternoon sun, or to awaken you in the morning! Adorable sundries to have around the house.

For us crafty folks, check out this Lopi pencil roving from KnittingIceland in rich carmine is a fun thing to have in your stash. Lopi is a heritage breed which is both durable and soft, felts well and is unbelievably warm! (Good qualities for Iceland ya?)

If your wardrobe needs a striking addition, this versatile and fluffy shawl from FashionKnits shop will enliven any ensemble. Soft angora is remarkably warm but still airy enough to be worn year-round.

I may be one to get distracted by sparklies... but in this fine necklace from Whimseadesigns the sparkles can barely pull my attention from the rich red coral beads. So with brilliant color and rhinestones what's not to love?

For decor simplicity, these kawaii sashiko hoops are bright and cheerful, perfect to lighten the mood! GeorgicaDesigns stitches these to order, so any color seems feasible... but why not go with that bright red?


Nevita said...

Thank you for including my angora red shrug. Great choices and descriptions. I enjoyed every word.

Georgica Designs said...

Love the your collection of red items! Thanks for including my Sashiko embroidery.