Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Painting - What I did on my January Vacation.

January has always been my slowest month for bag sales. After the shopping orgy of the Yuletide people seem to be broke and tired and generally not buying much. (Who can blame them?) Many years I've spent the month getting my inventory together and signing up for fairs, but this year I decided to take some time off from the business entirely. Other than Etsy and answering E-mails I didn't sew a stitch for Green Jeans!

But, I was not idle! I've been working for some time on a graphic novel idea, last year at Anomaly Con I met a number of local comic artist who were very inspiring, and I spent months doing sketches and honing stories. I decided at the turning of the new year to stop preparing and start doing! Done, after all, is better than perfect.
And so, after one month I have 10 pages of story, drawn, inked and colored with watercolors. I'm working on finding someone with more computer skills than I to do the lettering, I'm not crazy enough to do everything myself. I'll keep updating on this project, I expect to launch in the spring.

What do you do when you take time off from your number one hobby? (In my case, numbers 1-5)

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